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Spearline automated testing goes mobile

Global Toll & Toll-free Coverage

It’s exciting times here at Spearline. Our automated testing has just been supercharged with the roll-out of automated mobile testing to 22 countries.

Increasingly, customers are using mobile phones to make most or all of their calls - in fact projections are that 169 billion mobile calls will be made to businesses by 20201.

To properly check the performance of a local toll or toll-free contact number, you need to be dialling that number in-country. This is the only way to test…

  • Connectivity
  • Audio quality
  • CLI (caller ID)
  • DTMF (touch tone) functionality

… as it works (or not) for your customer.

We’ve provided the ability to run automated testing from PSTN landlines in 60 different countries globally for some time now. In addition, our manual testing tool has offered ad-hoc manual testing from both land and mobile lines from 22 countries.

Now, the latest update to Automated is the ability to run automated tests from both PSTN and mobile - with 22 countries (and counting) currently available for mobile.

Just like the number testing we offer from land lines, our mobile testing is run through in-country servers, with real phone lines / SIM cards attached. So you’re replicating the experience of a customer dialling from that country, using the largest network provider.

Tests are up and running immediately, with little or no setup involved - our cloud-based platform lets you manage your tests by simply inputting the telephone numbers you want to test, and selecting the country you want to test from and whether you want to test from PSTN or mobile.

Find out more about mobile testing here...

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